About us

About us

About Cousineau Dental Center in Brossard

It is important to us to provide you with a pleasant and stress-free experience.

For this, our treatments are painless, and at a competitive price.

Our family center offers a multitude of dental care under the same roof: from dental prevention, to the placement of implants, including orthodontics, and many other services to save you time and limit your trips. 

Why choose our dental center in Brossard?

The simplicity

Our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. We offer all dental services under one roof to simplify access to care.


We offer a center that is easily accessible both by its location and by its extended opening hours: we are open during the day, in the evening and every other Saturday. In addition, we offer bilingual services. The dental center is easily accessible on foot. Free parking is available at the back. Our dental center is accessible to patients with reduced mobility. We accept emergencies and new patients to provide them with quality care.

Modernity and security

We have many technologies in order to make you benefit from the most recent technologies and to offer you a quality service. Our tools meet high sterilization standards and are regularly monitored by an independent group of professionals.

The Cousineau dental center in a few words

Our mission

At the Cousineau Dental Center, our mission is to provide you with quality dental care in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our fully competent and qualified team will be at your disposal to give you a splendidly healthy smile.

Our vision

Our philosophy of practice is patient-centered. For our team, we believe that a radiant smile is a sign of physical and mental health. It is a universal expression of harmony, an image of confidence, enthusiasm and joy in all cultures. Our smile connects us to others, no matter who you are, what you do or where you are. It will be more accentuated and widely shared if you are comfortable and proud to manifest it.

The Cousineau dental center is paperless!

One of the objectives of the Cousineau dental center is to reduce its impact on the environment. Our center aims to be a paperless center in terms of its management. This is why we have set up an electronic appointment booking system allowing you to send the details of an appointment by text or email. The center’s invoicing system is also electronic, allowing the invoice to be sent directly to our patients’ inboxes.   

The values shared by our team

  • Mutual aid
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Usability
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Listen
  • Integrity
  • And even more !

Our team

Rest assured, at the Cousineau dental center, all the members of our team are passionate about their profession and have great qualities of listening, respect and empathy. Our dentists enrich their knowledge through continuous training in order to offer you excellent quality care.

Please note: our team members can communicate with you in different languages, including French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Vietnamese.

  • Dr Daniel Dang DMD
  • Dr Maher Kamaneh DMD
  • Dre Rania Al-Shihabi DMD
  • Dr Long Nguyen DMD
  • Dr Pierre-Olivier Adem-Bégin DMD
  • Dre Lise Brizard DMD
  • Gabriel Perez Denturologiste

Dr Maher Kamaneh DMD

Ce dentiste généraliste consacre une partie de sa pratique à l’orthodontie. De plus, il accorde beaucoup d’importance à la formation continue afin de rester au courant des dernières avancées et vous offrir un service de qualité.

Dre Rania Al-Shihabi DMD

Le Docteur Al-Shihabi est un dentiste généraliste qui pratique depuis plusieurs années, il possède l’expérience nécessaire pour offrir à nos patients d'excellents traitements.

Dr Long Nguyen DMD

Dr Long Nguyen est spécialisé en implantologie et en chirurgie buccale. Il a pour objectif de vous offrir le meilleur traitement qui saura répondre à vos besoins. La formation continue est au cœur de ses préoccupations, ce qui lui permet d’être à l'affût des nouvelles technologies.

Dr Pierre-Olivier Begin DMD

Depuis l’obtention de son Doctorat en Médecine dentaire en 2005, ce dentiste offre des soins dentaires de qualité à ses patients. Il s’est spécialisé au fur et à mesure des années en implantologie et en chirurgie buccale

Dre Lise Brizard DMD

Dre Lise Brizard consacre sa pratique à l’endodontie (traitement de canal). Dotée d’une expérience de plus de 20 ans et de multiples formations dans le domaine, elle offre des traitements d’excellence exécutés sous microscope chirurgical avec un équipement à la fine pointe de la technologie.

Get a healthy smile!