Dental emergency

Dental emergency
in Brossard

A dental emergency? The Cousineau dental center is there to relieve your dental pain as quickly as possible in order to avoid any complications and allow you to maintain excellent oral health!

Our dental emergency service in Brossard

Our team of dentists provides quality emergency dental care, in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, to relieve your pain quickly and avoid complications that could make you lose your smile.

It is strongly advised to make an appointment with our dental emergency service if:

  • One or more of your teeth are sore
  • You feel a sharp pain in your teeth
  • One of your teeth is broken or cracked following a fall or blow
  • Your teeth are extremely sensitive to cold or hot
  • Your braces are broken in one or more places
  • Your prosthesis or your crown is broken


In these cases, it is necessary to deal with your problem without delay. Our qualified dentists will be able to take care of you quickly and provide you with the necessary care to avoid any complications related to this emergency.

When to reach us for a dental emergency?

We can take care of your dental emergency during the opening hours of our dental center:

Monday: 8 h 30 à 20 h
Tuesday: 8 h 30 à 20 h
Wednesday: 8 h 30 à 17 h
Thursday: 10 h à 18 h
Friday: 9 h à 14 h
Saturday: 9 h à 14 h*
Sunday: closed

*Every other Saturday

Why call the Cousineau dental center for your dental emergency?

During your visit to the Cousineau dental center, our dentists will be able to carry out a complete examination of your mouth to better determine your condition, which will allow them to take action regarding your emergency.

Once the diagnosis has been made, our dentists will be able to offer you the appropriate treatment to eliminate the pain and your dental problem. Under certain conditions, the proposed treatment may be carried out directly by the dentist and in other cases, a new visit may be necessary. In such a case, our experts will provide you with temporary care to reduce the pain and/or recommend that you take medication.

How to relieve your pain while waiting for your visit?

In order to relieve your tooth in the short term, you can try to reduce your pain while waiting for your visit, in different ways:

  • Apply an ice pack to your cheek, on the side of the painful tooth, for at least 15 minutes.
  • Protect the tooth by avoiding direct contact with hot or cold, as well as food in general. If you must eat, try chewing on one side only, where your sore tooth is not.
  • Pay attention to your diet while you see your dentist, especially avoiding sugary and acidic foods.
  • Rinse your mouth with a solution of warm salt water, this will act as a disinfectant.
  • If advised by your dentist, taking a painkiller such as acetaminophen could be effective.


Depending on your pain, our experts at the Cousineau dental center can advise you on other methods to relieve your dental emergency.

How to avoid dental emergencies?

Prevention is your best ally! This is why it is strongly advised to make a regular visit to a dentist at the Cousineau center in order to avoid dental emergencies. The dentist will be able to detect and treat any dental problem before it becomes too painful or requires more serious operations.

On the other hand, good dental hygiene can drastically reduce dental emergencies. It is advisable to brush your teeth after each meal, but also to use dental floss and wash your mouth regularly to keep your mouth healthy!

Get a healthy smile!